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Merry Christmas

Dec. 25, 2020

The past year was an extremely extraordinary year, a year of reckless epidemics, and people from all over the world jointly resisted the worst epidemic since the new century. Despite the difficulties, I still firmly believe that the beautiful times belong to us. Today is Christmas, please accept the blessings from the East. Merry Christmas, healthy and happy family. May your winter be no longer cold, and may your family be always full of warmth. Friends and brothers, as this new year is approaching, let us work together to write a more brilliant tomorrow.

How hopeful that every weekend, ride our bikes and fly freely in the green fields. I hope that when you leave home every day, someone will wait for you to come home tenderly. Open the door to happiness and embrace the warmth. Once again, I wish everyone who works hard, you will have more light and shine more ordinary people like you.

Merry Christmas

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